You are wrong.

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Posted at 2:45 pm on Mar 16, 2012

Granted, the memory of the "Black and Tan" have faded here in the US, where the term only means a type of beer drink. But it still has evil connotations in Ireland.

From the Irish Times:

The company [Nike] is presumably unaware of the historical connotations of the use of the term “Black and Tan” in this country.
* * *
“I hope they don’t try to launch it here in Ireland or I’ll imagine they’ll lose a lot of their fans.” [quoting an Irish citizen in Ireland]
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There was a controversy over the use of the term “Black and Tan” as a flavour of ice-cream six years ago. The US ice-cream makers Ben & Jerry later apologised after bringing out a “Black and Tan” flavour ice-cream, even though the ice-cream was available only in the US market.

Link: Irish Times: Nike puts its foot in it with 'Black and Tan' sneaker

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