I thinking today about whether Matt Daugherty is happy he dumped ND now.

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Posted at 9:32 pm on Apr 20, 2012

It has been 10 years now since Daugherty jammed the Irish BBall program after a single season. The players and program gave him his big chance and their hearts and minds. After preaching team and selflessness, he jumped at his personal chance for a higher ring at the first opportunity. He was at a program that could have been his lifelong position with security and notoriety, but he got greedy. It was his right to make the decision that he did, but it is our right as fans to have opinions about that decision as well as how his actions reflect on him personally.

Mike Brey has made the NCAA tournament almost every year he has been at ND over the past decade often with marginal talent at best (like this year). He has a top 15 recruiting class coming in this summer, and the Irish have never looked back.

Daugherty, on the other hand, has fallen hard. He went to North Carolina where he was nothing more than a puppet for Dean Smith who still called the shots from the basement of the basketball complex in Chapel Hill. His team never accepted his hyper-disciplined and often intrusive coaching style, and his on court performance was weak. NC dumped him the moment that a big time coach became available (Roy Smith) in the exact same manner that Daugherty had dumped Notre Dame (a Tar heel trait perhaps as Daugherty is a former Tar Heel).

He jumped around before landing at SMU for the past five years where he was recently fired in March 2012 for a poor record. He will likely end up in the mid majors in his next stint if he is lucky.

Karma can be a bitch, but I am glad she is still working hard.

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