I don't have 56 spare minutes

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Posted at 12:09 am on Feb 15, 2014

But...regarding Point No. 3. Every climatologist that posts in scientific journals has at least a masters degree, and most have PhD's. Just b/c at one point climatologists were record keepers doesn't mean that is still the case in 2014.

I also find the religion part laughable if that's what he says. What is reported in the peer-reviewed science is simply data, evidence and interpretation. All are using the scientific method to draw their conclusions. Religion doesn't require evidence...that's how it differs with science.

Let me ask you this...do you disagree that humans are contributing to a rise in CO2? (See graph). CO2 has started rising ever since we started burning fossil fuels. There is no way the 2 are not related.

And if so, do you think that rises in CO2 would have no effect? Did you ever study physics or chemistry? The laws of equilibrium? Every action will have an equal and opposite reaction? This is basic stuff...dumping huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere will have an effect. The exact effect is not known 100% b/c there are so many variables, but that doesn't mean that nothing will happen.

Ocean pHs are dropping as a result of absorbing all the CO2 (which becomes carbonic acid in solution), and ice cores show that throughout the earth's history global increases in CO2 have corresponded with global increases in temperature.

Understanding global warming doesn't require adopting it as "religion". It simply requires a basic understanding of science.


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