Big unfunded ground wars by Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus re-building of roads,schools,

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Posted at 4:59 pm on Jan 11, 2017

hospitals, electrical distribution and water systems in those countries...all unfunded of course.

Plus, unfunded Medicare Part D proposed by Bush and approved by Dems in 2003 as deal for Bush's re-election along with Congress.

Add Bush's huge unfunded tax cut for the rich, coupled with the Great Recession of 2008. They combined to reduce revenues dramatically in 2009.

That's how you go from a $300 million surplus at the end of the Clinton admin to a $1 trillion deficit by 2009.

As your chart shows rather clearly, the deficit first exploded under Reagan/Bush, was gradually brought under control under Clinton, exploded again under GWB (see his policies above), then was reduced each succeeding year under Obama as the recovery (too weak, as the GOP opposed Obama on everything in McConnell's effort to "make Obama a one-term President) gradually took hold.

Now the debt is set to explode again, as shutting down O-care is projected to cost over $300B, and another big tax cut for the rich is just around the bend. And, of course, the big stimulus he wants, which is mostly tax cuts for construction industries.

Clinton and Obama have been the only fiscally conservative Presidents of the last 40 years, mainly because tax cut for the top 1% is the only thing the GOP really cares about...everything else is subject to change on a moment's notice, as we are seeing now.

I'm surprised you had to ask.

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