Re: The Clintons are having trouble letting go.

Author: Rooster (2602 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 3:31 pm on Dec 3, 2018

Sadly this article is pretty much on point. I liked Bill as president but never cared for HRC. Her sense of entitlement, and terrible judgement spell trouble for us Dems if she tries to make a run in 2020. If the GOP is smart it will encourage her to make a move, put out stories that they most fear her as a candidate and let the clowns in the Dem party who pushed her over Bernie twist this one too.
Politicians are not the only ones who can't let go. It's rarely about the money. The cheers and adulation become addictive. John Denver once decided to take a year off to be with his family. After 4 weeks he was back on the road, "I missed the crowds, the cheers." You make a joke that isn't funny and the fans double over in hysterics. George Carlin said he could get the crowd laughing manically by simply saying, "Hey, everybody got their joints?" You're out there and they all love you.
This article reminds me of Willie Mays, stumbling around in the outfield for the METS.

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