What is Populism vs what Trump Populism is believed to be?

Author: jimbasil (33333 Posts - Joined: Nov 15, 2007)
Posted at 10:46 am on Jan 10, 2019

With Trump and his admin. - On one hand you have Trump giving Tax breaks to the wealthiest and to controlling businesses/corps shouting I’m for America to make it great again, on the other hand we have the middle and lower economic bracket suffering greater economic hardships. Conservativism today seems to be about money grubbing and power grabbing and not very populist. Is populism under a Trump and McConnell rule really more dictatorship than anything else?

E Warren wants to go after big banking rule to break the economic stranglehold it has on Main Street yet our populist government by Trump (Republicans) fight that in every way possible disinformation and misinformation leading the charge.

So really, is Trump a populist or just another money grubber calling himself a, for the people man?
And what in reality is conservativism today other than what it appears to be, this exposed elitism donning populist rhetoric.

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