The biggest concern I have with hazing is the strong tendency towards escalation.

Author: jakers (7943 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 3:46 pm on Jan 11, 2019

In other words, Student A went through it as a Frosh/Pledge/Newbie and got hosed down outside in January without any clothes on. So, when Student A is a junior, he and his fellow upperclassmen are going to hose down the new frosh/newbies outside in January, but to be even funnier, they're going to go back in the dorm and lock the doors so that the newbies are stuck outside without any clothes on for all of campus to see. Then, when Student B is an upperclassmen, he and his pals are going to hose down Student C and the rest of the other frosh/newbies in January and lock them out of the dorm, except they're going to be even funnier and film it on their smart phones and spread it all over social media with captions and photo edits and post it on the public campus pages.

So, eventually you get to the point that someone is no longer good-naturedly blushing at what happened, but are in fact socially devastated and humiliated and perhaps do something tragic. Or you get someone who no longer is simply brutally cold from the incident, but because of the over-consumption of alcohol the night before, goes into hypothermic shock and ends up in the E.R. or worse.

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