Thomas Patrick Edward Brady Jr. The Greatest.

Author: Rooney (4810 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 7:46 am on Feb 4, 2019

Hate him because he's married to a supermodel.
Hate him because he's got the high cheek bones, the hair and the smile.
Hate him because he's living the life.
Hate him because he breaks your heart. Every. Flippin'. Year.
Hate him because you ain't him.

But respect him for the most playoff wins, most division titles, most conference titles, most Super Bowl appearances, most Super Bowl wins and most Super Bowl MVPs. Respect him for the almost two decade long shadow he's cast on the NFL. Sustained excellence.

In the history of major team sports leagues there is only one player ever who can say this morning that there are no sports franchises in his own league that have more championships than he does. Not the NFL, NHL, MLB or NBA. Just Tom.

Tom Brady. The best that ever played a game.

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