The 2020 Dem Agenda starting point has been set. The New Green Deal.

Author: BaronVonZemo (23441 Posts - Joined: Nov 19, 2010)
Posted at 5:26 pm on Feb 7, 2019

Among many other amazingly stupid proposoals in this thing........."Add a price scale that makes air travel "no longer as necessary" so that it will become obsolete for the middle class (AOC's soulmate Mazie Hirono Dem senator from Hawaii was caught by surprise by that one), all existing buildings redone to meet Dem green standards, economic security for even those who are unwilling to work, universal housing for all, universal healthcare for all, "get rid of those farting cows", and so much more.

This is the baseline from which the Dems the Dems will start working for the 2020 presidential run.

I can see both the House and Senate coming back to the GOP for Trump's second term. Either that, or the end of the Great America that we all knew.

None of the other Dem leaders are stepping up with any plans other than "Hate Trump", and thus this idiot is leading the dialogue in the Dem party right now. The debate will start way out here at the communist left and try to move a bit back toward wacky liberal extremist before the election.

Also AOC (or ACORN as I like to call her) is not nearly intelligent enough nor motivated to ever write a proposal herself. She is the front person for the Dem Socialists of America - the same group that put up Obama in "phase 1". They are calling the shots for the MSM and thus the party at present. Now we see "Phase 2".


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