I get it. Not disagreeing re the need to be consistent.

Author: conorlarkin (10023 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 7:19 pm on Feb 8, 2019

But, the comparison to Justice Kavanaugh is not symmetrical.

Justice Kavanaugh not only denied Dr. Ford's allegation, but he also denied the encounter ever happened.

Moreover, even assuming Dr. Ford was being truthful, his confirmation did not hinge upon the credibility of Dr. Ford's allegation.

A Senator could completely disbelieve Dr. Ford, yet vote against Judge Kavanaugh because they felt he lacked the requisite temperament, or had lied about his stint in the White House, or simply did not trust his jurisprudence.

Conversely, a Senator could wholeheartedly believe Dr. Ford, yet vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh because they felt the incident was too dated, and the product of relatively harmless high school immaturity, balanced against Judge Kavanaugh's distinguished career as a judge, and utter lack of any predatory or inappropriate conduct since college.

On the other hand, Lt. Governor Fairfax is an elected official. He must have the confidence of the electorate who voted him into office. He denies the allegations and has not been afforded the ability to confront the serious allegations in any meaningful forum. Should the Democrats investigate/vet the allegations? Of course. But, at this moment in time, he has not been charged with criminal wrongdoing. He denies he did anything wrong.

More time will tell whether he should be forced out of office.

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