Evidence of Viking barley farms in Greenland 800 yrs ago when Climate was warmer.

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Posted at 9:14 am on Feb 9, 2019

Science boys. Put on your critical thinking caps. Don’t let Occasio-Cortez be the source of your information. You can’t grow barley in Greenland today because the Climate is too cold. But they did 800 years ago.

Climate has always been in flux, but we have only been measuring since the 1870’s (and poorly and anecdotallly at that until 40 years ago).

The belief of anthropogenic Climate Change has become a religion to an atheistic Left, who despite believing that they are more enlightened, have become the very radical religious zealots that they claim to despise. They wish to push their religion on others, and many even propose penalties for those “deniers” who don’t openly accept their pagan god. An overemphasis on temp observations from a very short modern period which would inevitably record a swing one way or another without appreciating the overall longer term cycles has allowed these zealots to claim false confirmation of their beliefs.

Before you try to rationalize this article, read the whole thing because it explains away many of the desperate critiques from the Left that are sure to come.

And this all comes because like Brett Kavanaugh, Vikings like beer. They like beer! Dilly! Dilly!

Link: http://sciencenordic.com/vikings-grew-barley-greenland

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