That's pretty funny.

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Posted at 4:02 pm on Feb 9, 2019

A: We may have fewer typhoons and tsunamis over the next several thousand years, but you have to keep your current standard of living for you and your kids.
B: Burn as many fires, and drive as many 2-cycle scooters as you want to get to better jobs to improve the quality of life for your kids, but we may have more tsunamis and typhoons over the next few thousand years.

We know which option you would pick for them.

But which option do you really think they would take?

I'm not saying which is the right decision for the world in the end. Your decision might be. But, let's not pretend that citizens of the Third World are on your side. They are not. You have to further disinfranchise them to effect the kind of change you want...and that means people will die in the short term due to political decisions.

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