Yes I am, in fact. I am out of town until tomorrow night so I'll gladly answer the

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Posted at 5:31 pm on Feb 9, 2019

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Suffice it to say that the definitive link of causality between anthropogenic greenhouse gases (Iggle forgot to mention methane etc) and the climate cycle has NOT been scientifically proven. It is assumed, yet clearly evidence exists that the process is more complex than they thought. They can't prove it, they can't prove they can improve it, and they really don't know that even if they could impact the process if it might not cause an even worse problem.
There has not been the ability to study the cycles of CO2 and methane and the cycles of other factors until recently, and they simply are making educated guesses and then proposing massive interventions and taxes because it conveniently falls within their political plans.
I believe it is foolish to act with such little grasp of consequences and such high cost to everyone as well as their own best estimates showing that the impact of their culture changing plan is insignificant.

As an aside, I am also certain that most countries will abuse the financial support given to them - yet another problem that cannot yet be policed properly yet they want the money taken from us to be doled out nonetheless. And remember, the MIT study had to assume cooperation by countries with the plan that would at best cause 0.4 degrees improvement over the next 100 years.

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