I’ll give you an oil company perspective on Climate Change. Not for the weak.

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Posted at 12:13 am on Feb 10, 2019

Imagine on Monday if all US oil companies shut down refineries and stop shipping gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and natural gas. Only one week numb nuts. That’s how much we suck down.

Within a week major parts of the country would run out of energy. So there would be long lines at gasoline stations until the supply runs out and your cars would be useless.

And unless you are connected to nuclear or hydro power when you come home your electricity would be out and your lights wouldn't work.

Your house would be ice cold since there was no heat. Your food in the fridge would be spoiled but doesn’t matter unless you have a fire pit you aren’t cooking anything.

And don’t go to the store if you car still has gas since their is no diesel for trucks to deliver food. Stores are empty.

And don’t try to fly to another country since the airports would close because there were no airplanes flying since there was no jet fuel.

And you lost your job because your office building or factory was closed. No energy to run the facility. Doesn’t really matter you can’t get there unless you walk, have a bike or a horse.

This is what oil company people discuss when we are together having to take all this shit from the hypocrites in the Climate Change religion who use their drivers and private jets to go bitch all over the world about global oil companies.

So know this on this board I’m calling your environmental bitches bluff just to show how dependent you are on fossil fuels.

So everyone who talks about greenhouse climate warming from the oil companies just shut the fuck up.

If you don’t use electricity or cars or airplanes and grow your own food you can post. Everyone else stop using fossil fuels to make your life, living standard, and everything else you do that makes you happy and fulfilled and then you can become a true crusader. Otherwise you’re just a fraud.

You’re like a chronic smoker blaming the tobacco companies for making cigarettes. Stop smoking. And stop using fossil fuels. Or stop bitching if you do.

An oil company guy

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