The coastal states are already locked into this model.

Author: Curly1918 (2211 Posts - Joined: Aug 30, 2017)
Posted at 12:06 pm on Feb 10, 2019

Our large urban centers would find it difficult to function without central government control and this requires high taxes. Warren merely represents the prevailing perspective in her region of the country. As long as these regions can retain major profitable corporations within their boundaries they will manage to survive. To do so
In the long rum, however, they will need to control the national economy as well... so that their successful producers do not flee to friendlier venues. It is doubtful, however, that Warren will find much support off the east coast. Most of the country off the coasts finds central government control an anathema. To win therefore, the Dems need to find a candidate from the same regions that produced their last four presidents, ie., the South or the Midwest.

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