Exactly. The green movement is being hyped as a solution within the next 50 years in replacing

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Posted at 3:35 pm on Feb 10, 2019

fossil fuels. Take away the higher costs and required government subsidies clean energy can’t replace fossil fuel energy on the electrical grid that would be required to power electric cars. For one simple reason. We can’t store green energy in abundance or for an extended length of time. The technology doesn’t exist and the physics that is required is similar to the development of cold fusion.

Solar panels work when the sun is shinning but once the sun goes down it can’t store that energy and within hours the power grid would fail. And there are many places in the country where the sun doesn’t shine for days or weeks.

Same with wind. Climate patterns make consistent wind speeds unlikely and then once again it can’t store the energy for any length of time.

So imagine the US current power grid requirement that must be maintained 24/7. Green technology has no idea how to make that happen. Now add millions of charging stations across the US drawing even more power. Particularly at night.

And by the way this will cost trillions of dollars if it can ever be accomplished.

Sorry but those are the facts to date. So having 40-50% of electrical power and electrical cars supplied by green energy in the next 30-40 years is nearly impossible. And remember oil prices are cheap.

So while the environmental wackos talk about green energies just around the corner, it will surely grow. But most of our grandchildren will be dead long before fossil fuel usage globally is under 50% of total energy.

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