I was just talking about this with a friend. I linked an article from Scientific America which

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Posted at 8:05 am on Feb 19, 2019

Discusses the far greater contribution of deforestation to increased atmospheric carbon levels - both through loss of CO2 respiration and through release of massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This contribution is far, far greater than man’s combustion contribution per studies. Yet, the Left’s focus has been on the cause whose remedy would require wealth redistribution.

If one believes that the elevated atmospheric CO2 is the cause of warmer temperatures, and if one further believes that mankind has the ability to bring that temperature down with proper measures, then the primary focus should be on preserving rainforests, preventing deforestation everywhere, and replanting trees.
Unfortunately for the Left, such an effort would not require the sweeping changes they want in wealth redistribution, and it might even reinforce the status quo in many countries.

We are left with the obvious conclusion that the Left is simply using the convenient issue to accomplish their socioeconomic goals. This is further supported by their continued use of air travel to accept their Climate Change awards, their giant houses in Tennessee, and their not continuing on with the supposedly critical Paris Accord without our country which is still well ahead of other countries in green tech and changeover. If they really believed that the issue was critical, they would have pushed on without us. They didn’t.

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