They don't have to compete with Duke & Carolina for top recruits.

Author: MAS (11162 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 12:34 am on Oct 26, 2018

ND has never won a recruiting battle with K during his time at Duke and I can't think of a recruiting win against Carolina in the past thirty years. Possibly Torin Francis. I don't think that will change anytime soon. If ND is going to pursue top 25 players, they will forever be going up against those two programs so long as they are in the ACC.

I'm in the distinct minority, but I wan't thrilled with the move to the ACC. There's a basketball hotbed 70 miles away and ND has virtually no presence there. Yes, Midwestern kids sometimes end up in the ACC, but how many blue-chippers from Chicago with ACC interest are going to pick ND over Duke and Carolina if all are interested? How many stud East Coast kids will be any different? They will always be playing third fiddle to, arguably, the two most storied programs in college basketball.

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