Honestly, fellas, this team could lose to Alaska-Anchorage.

Author: MAS (11362 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 10:40 pm on Nov 14, 2018

And it probably wouldn't pass the airport test any more than that particular team did back in 1998.

Disappointingly unathletic and very little toughness on display.

Harvey's good, but he's understandably scared and isn't ready for big minutes.

Gibbs is solid but he will never succeed as the number on option on offense.

The freshmen will be good but none are prepared to take on the burden of carrying the team. No blue-chippers of that variety.

Pflueger would be a deep reserve even on lower end ACC teams. He starts for ND and Brey will never bench him.

Mooney is a nice player but he should a reserve.

Like last year, this won't be a good shooting team, which is inexcusable for a Brey team. I sometimes wonder if Matt Ryan kicks himself for not getting his attitude right, because he could've made a lot of shots for the program.

Again, the ACC is a poor fit for the program. They wouldn't be sitting with a goose egg class this year if still in the Big East or if they were in the Big Ten.

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