More excuses.

Author: subwaytom (965 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 8:18 am on Dec 22, 2018

1. Respectfully, you are wrong. Brey DOES recruit on-and-dones. He just does not do so successfully.
2. He has had an indisputable career of mediocrity.
3. Here we are in year 19 -- Let me say that again, YEAR 19! And they are . . . what is the phrase? Not very good.
4. Look at the teams they have beaten this year, and and throughout his career, and we could tally up several hundred Little-Sisters-Of-The-Poor JV teams.
5. Muffett built a powerhouse program from scratch -- no Digger, Johnny Dee history. Sure the women's game is different. But let's be honest: Brey couldn't carry her bra.
6. Brey can't coach in a tie. First we had the mock turtleneck; now the open shirt. Too uncomfortable to look proper.
7. Muffett coaches in 31/2 inch heels. See the point?

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