GO ahead and get mad at me for opinion as I went to the ND at GT Ladies Game

Author: GeorgiaIrish (56 Posts - Joined: Dec 18, 2010)
Posted at 7:08 am on Jan 7, 2019

First I wanted to say it was great to see the Irish ladies team in person again it has been a year and the first time to see them since they won the National Title.

The Pro was it appears they have some nice depth and three or four of them are seeing significant playing time.

The Con-Rebounding on shots, There is a lot of work to be done on following up their own shots as I saw way too much shot watching as you know sometimes you have to go get and make your points.

You hate to see any team get in foul trouble but there is zero fear of going inside against the Irish Defense. I hate to say this but sometimes you have to earn your fouls to establish a inside defense.

Exceptional!-On offense when the shots were not falling there was times the passing was at a incredible level I mean mind boggling great passes not just one player in particular but all the players.

This is the biggest perk of the irish being in the acc I always get to see the Irish playing different sports down here in Atlanta and sometimes if I want to travel just a bit I can go see them play some of the other near ACC Teams.

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