"Recruiting and coaching."

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Posted at 4:04 pm on Jan 27, 2019

I see you're quite knowledgable.

McGraw has to recruit against a handful of other top programs because with any women's sport, there is a small percentage of athletic, skilled female athletes, and those few are spread between a few programs. Brey has tom compete with innumerable programs and the whole recruiting scene for the men's game is 200 times more intense. I have my criticisms of Brey's recruiting, but comparisons to the women's game are ludicrous.

You provide no specifics about "coaching."

Do you think McGraw would do a better job with the men's team than Brey? I'm asking you to answer this as you really think, not posturing because it appears "enlightened" to spout out ridiculous statements about the women's game being better than the men's game.

Why do you think these great women's coaches never get hired to coach the men?

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