Stop embarrassing yourself and stop being a demagogue.

Author: MAS (11315 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 10:28 pm on Jan 27, 2019

No one said she was anything but a great coach of women. The problem is that women's sports are weak, pale imitations of men's sports. Always have been and always will be. Women's college basketball, especially, where a few teams dominate and commonly see scores like 90-35. There's a weird, small subset of male sports fans who really get into women's sports, and I'm not the only one to note the weirdness of this subset. They clearly don't watch it to see great athletes executing a sport at the highest level. I'll leave you to explain why they get into it. The kids have come up with names for guys like this.

Given all that, to then see some of these bozos come on here and pretend that there's any comparison between the men's and women's game is too much. So, each time they get on here with this idiocy, I will comment on it and state the uncomfortable truths that bother them so much. Bothersome, because at some level, they understand it's true.

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