Addressing the current reality

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Posted at 8:48 pm on Mar 16, 2019

"The 2015 Irish featured four future NBA players (Connaughton, Grant, Demetrius Jackson, and then-incoming freshman Bonzie Colson), and five current professionals either overseas (Zach Auguste, Steve Vasturia, Martinas Geben) or in the NBA’s G League (Matt Farrell, V.J. Beachem).

That collective marks the apex of talent at the program since Digger Phelps’ late 1970s squads, annually replete with NBA Draft picks. The current crop, though highly touted out of high school with six Top 100 recruits (Pflueger, for the record was #116) and current third-team All-ACC selection John Mooney, does not appear to approach that level of talent"


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