Cole Anthony cut his list to four schools. ND is among them.

Author: MAS (11481 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 11:27 pm on Mar 31, 2019

This will sound crazy, but I won't be shocked if he picks ND. His list, aside from UNC, is unconventional for a current top 5 player: also includes Oregon and Georgetown. His dad reached out to Brey and asked him to recruit his son, telling Brey to "be patient." He's a smart kid with a smart father who played the game and money isn't an issue. His dad clearly identified guys like who he thought would best prepare his son for the NBA. In addition to Patrick Ewing, Wake Forest was previously the fifth school with Danny Manning. Brey and Altman are on the list because Greg Anthony thinks they run offenses that prepare kids well to play in the NBA.

And a current player just decided to transfer. Is it conceivable that he transferred knowing that a superstar is probably coming aboard for next year and three spots would be etched in stone at that point for next year (Mooney, Anthony, Hubb)? And, really, let's be honest, knowing how Brey operates, either Gibbs or Pfleuger is a lock to be another starter as seniors. Probably Pfleuger. Then it would be either going big with Durham or Harvey.

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