C.J Sanders.. The second coming of Rocket Ismail? Here is my take..

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Posted at 8:00 pm on Jan 20, 2015

He has the same frame as Rocketman..5'10 175 as a FR.. He has legit 4.3 speed!! Shows a knack for the dramatic.. Special teams and as a flanker, a decoy to keep all defenses honest.. sending him in motion, knowing the next play.. any play he is involved.. could be a quick 7 points.. Allen Rossum was the only man to ever be mentioned in the same breath as Rocket in terms of special teams impact, since 88.
C.j Sanders is an all around offensive threat unlike Rossum... As a Freshman, the Rocket man.played on a highly experienced ND team and won a National Title... Holtz got every ounce of talent out of Rocket from the getgo.. Now Kelly Recruited Sanders... we could be looking at a playoff run with this difference maker as a freshman.. win it all with momentum, and defend it..

Will Kelly be as wise as Holtz would and utilize Sanders as a Freshman despite a tendancy to go with experience?? Rocket was the exception.. hopefully c.j sanders will be the exception for Kelly., my irish hopes of the pot of gold coming home to its rightfull place, ND.. into the hands of the leprachaun is long overdue...

C.J Sanders should get as many touches as possible. Find a way to get him the ball.. I believe he could be the real deal guys.. lets hope kelly sees that right away, it very well could mean it all.. mother of victory, pray for us

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