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Author: Nigel Tufnel (4212 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 2:57 pm on Nov 27, 2018

Obviously, way too early for this kind of discussion, but it's what we do on fan message boards.....obsess about things far into the future.

We could look very, very different on D next year - and not in a good way. I think we will be in good shape when we have the ball.


GONE: Tillery, Bonner, Tranquill, Coney - those are some very big shoes to fill. The two D line spots could be filled by some combo of Jayson Ademilola, Kurt Hinish and Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa. Jordan Genmark Heath and Bo Baeur could be our LBs. Look for Shayne Simon to get some reps, too. Maybe some others will emerge. Regardless, we will have growing pains replacing these guys.
LIKELY GONE: Love - I suppose he could come back, but you have to think he'll get some good draft feedback. Really hope Shaun Crawford can come back strong next year.
MAYBE GONE: Okwara, Kareem - I tend to think both will be back, and they would both benefit by coming back, but they could be tempted.


GONE: Mustipher, Bars, Williams - obviously we've already replaced Bars with Aaron Banks, but finding a new center of Mustipher's ability and leadership ain't happening. Who will emerge as our RB home run hitter to replace Dex?
MAYBE GONE: Boykin, Claypool, Finke - i think only Boykin, of these three, would be a likely draft pick. It will depend on how each scores in their draft evaluations. I lean toward all of them coming back.

Book with another year, and our relatively young O-Line with some more seasoning, plus our depth at WR, and I think we're going to be scoring more points next year. Unfortunately, I think we'll need to. Overall, we'll be very good, a pre-season Top Ten team.

Just one moron's opinion.

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