Of course the conferences would love guaranteed spots.

Author: Napoleon (2688 Posts - Joined: Apr 23, 2015)
Posted at 12:26 pm on Nov 28, 2018

That doesn't mean they'd want to give up on their own championship games. Especially the big conferences which would have unmanageable single divisions of up to 14 teams. Eliminating the conference championship games in no way is part-and-parcel with the idea of auto-bid for a conference champ. You are just throwing elimination of conference championships out there as your preference. The most likely way it would play out if auto-bids were given to the Power 5 champs would be in connection with the conference championship games. The conferences have aligned themselves specifically to have two divisions and a championship game. There is no reason to eliminate that. You mentioned the Big 10 had 11 schools for awhile. What happened with that? THEY ADDED ANOTHER TEAM TO SPLIT INTO DIVISIONS. That future is now. So unless the conferences are going to start eliminating teams, this is an awful pipe dream.

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