It is more difficult with 14 teams. That's the point.

Author: Napoleon (2719 Posts - Joined: Apr 23, 2015)
Posted at 12:35 pm on Nov 28, 2018

The more teams, the fewer head-to-heads and the more likely there are teams with identical records who didn't play each other. And the landscape was so different. Christ, in the Big 10 in the old days you knew it was just going to come down to Ohio State/Michigan most years. In the Big 8, Nebraska/Oklahoma. It was easier. Conference expansion and divisions was designed to make determining a champion easier in an era with scholarship limits and more parity. And like I said, the future is now. Everything has evolved into the current paradigm, which includes conference championships. How is that genie going back in the bottle? The answer is: it isn't. And, again, the idea of determining a champion in a 14 team conference without divisions is just one problem. You are still talking about a circumstance where a three-loss co-champ from the Pac 12 gets in over an 11-1 Georgia team that is easily one of the top four teams in the country. It's a bad idea. .

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