Some thoughts on Notre Dame - Clemson

Author: tky21 (350 Posts - Joined: May 13, 2010)
Posted at 8:58 pm on Dec 2, 2018

What we have in our favor? Truly excellent offensive and defensive coaches. Say what you'd like about Kelly, but the two coordinators have done incredible jobs not only in the game plans and execution but also with their adjustments. They are very, very good and are at the absolute top of their games. And they have a month to prepare.

What needs to be improved? OLine play in both pass and run blocking. But as new and young as they are, getting fully healthy and with a month to work on fixing what's wrong and getting it done right, I think they can be much improved and can get the job done.

What we'll need to do more? Run the QB. I understand not running as much during the you need to keep Book healthy to get to where we've gotten. But its going to take that x-factor to make the difference. It's going to have to be a big part of our offense. Not just designed runs, but also roll-outs to pass with the option of running. We are going to have to make Clemson defend and worry about that aspect if we are going to be successful. It's much more difficult to defend us with it and honestly too easy to defend us without it.

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