Not a chance in Hell as long as Father Jenkins is in charge

Author: fedman (254 Posts - Joined: Nov 1, 2016)
Posted at 11:36 pm on Dec 4, 2018

Jenkins and others at ND are still pissed at that little show Meyer put on in Utah back in December of 2004. He had Jenkins, White and others fly out to Utah to discuss the ND job. Meyer made unreasonable demands that he knew ND could not accept, made those tearful calls to his father and other coaches to discuss the merits of the ND and Florida jobs, when he had already agreed to become the Florida coach back in October after the firing of Zook. Any consideration for ND that December was just for show.

When Jenkins and White left Utah after Meyer "picked" Florida, they were both surprised and disappointed. However once they learned shortly afterwards that Meyer had in fact already agreed to terms with Florida back in October, they were furious. They knew they had been played so Meyer could gain a recruiting advantage by being able to publicly claim that he picked Florida over ND. Jenkins has a long memory and I don't think Meyer would ever be considered for Notre Dame as long as Jenkins is in charge. This would be the case even if Meyer had a spotless reputation and did not have the baggage associated with him from Florida and Ohio State.

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