The NDNation Board is completely off its rocker right now....

Author: NY3 (1626 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 5:30 am on Jan 8, 2019

They’re talking about how Clemson and Dabo Swinney should be our model. That they identified a coach who fit their program, tried him as an interim coach, saw enough in him to give him the full time job, and then gave him support and the time to develop.

Others are saying we should just go hire him! Sure - why wouldn’t Dabo, a boy from Alabama, who has a dynasty going at Clemson, leave all that and come up to Indiana and coach at a Catholic school? It seems so obvious doesn’t it?

Those guys lost all semblance of rationality a long time ago, but it’s gotten so bad it’s like that board is now The Onion. They know nothing about CFB. Apparently they have no clue that in year 3 of Dabo the Tigers went 6-7 and everyone was calling for his head....and there was nearly a revolt when they didn’t fire the guy then.


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