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Posted at 12:42 pm on Jan 8, 2019

Crazy enough, but ND provided a decent blueprint on how to contain Clemson's offence. Stuff the run lanes, play a soft cushion on short routes and absolutely make Lawrence feel uncomfortable!
But (1) thing about having a crazy athletic secondary like Bama is that they are used to taking gambles and not paying for them. They have grown accustomed to taking risks and recovering from normal coverage errors because the opposing quarterbacks time clock gets sped up. Taking the inside shoulder on middle routes normally works for them due to quarterback errors. But when you have a big kid like Lawrence who only seems to be inaccurate when he is feeling some real heat, errors by the secondary get taken advantage of. It was crazy too see 5 star cb recruits like Surtain Jr. getting beat easily! It actually looked like a good chunk of Lawrence's deep completions were on the same routes he completed against ND, lol.

With all that being said, the biggest moment to came during halftime when Saban said that Clemson was running some things that they did not practice on.
Hilarious and obviously true!

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