Re-watched Clemson game

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Posted at 3:58 pm on Jan 8, 2019

Even in Blow-outs, most games come down to 4 or 5 plays. On the first TD, Vaughn is in pretty good position - Ross just takes it off him.

On the second TD, it's a 3rd and 14. Its a weird defensive call. It looks like their in man but they don't bring pressure. Gilman strangely comes up, and I have no idea what Tranquil is doing. I'd put that one on Lea - either play 2 safeties in a zone or blitz and play man. It's 3rd and 14.

The third TD, Vaughn makes a nice play - Higgins just makes a better play. The 4th TD, Coney is lined up wrong. There is no one in the "A" gap.

If Love plays, and Tillery doesn't make his stupid penalty - there's a chance its 10 - 3 at half time. If Coney is lined up right - it may have been 10 - 3 late in the game.

They would have needed the fumble to not be over ruled and Book to have not under thrown the deep ball to have had a shot.

If, If, If, if - my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle.

ND was not that far off in the game, but a few things need to go their way. I think saying they would have won is over stating things - but to say they are not in the same league as Clemson is not quite true also.

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