There is little doubt that Admissions has been more "flexible" with Kelly

Author: D2 (5873 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 4:34 pm on Jan 8, 2019

For example, allowing kids to enter in January and willing to let Kelly make offers prior to approval from Admissions which used to be required.

Statistical comparisons going back 20 years (i.e., Average SAT scores, GPAs, etc) are virtually impossible due to grade/score inflation, etc.

Holtz's famous bitch was that he couldn't get players into ND that beat him when we played OSU in the 90s. There is a bit of a unproven myth that Admissions got tougher during The Holtz era. It was probably more of a fact that Holtz continued to push the Admissions envelope and Admissions pushed back and drew a line.....depending on who you talked to some thought it was about time. At this point it is more folklore than anything else.

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