Overall you make some good points points but you miss big on one

Author: D2 (5873 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 5:14 pm on Jan 8, 2019

There is a significant difference between what SAT/ACT scores ND accepts and what the huge chunk of other Power 5 schools accept. Generally speaking, the big chunk of the Power 5 schools accept at the NCAA minimums especially in re: standardized test scores/GPA combination. ND operates far past the NCAA minimums.

The big issue that ND has re: recruiting is the academic rigor that is required at ND and it does chase some possibles recruits off. There aren't jock majors (and they actually have to have majors at ND), there aren't correspondence/on-line/independent study courses that proliferate at public universities that the athletes are steered to. You do need to graduate in 4 years at ND while most schools set that standard at 5 if they actually do monitor the progress toward graduation at all. Your average ND student athlete also competes with a much higher quality of student (and associated higher level of academic standards/expectations) in the classroom than those found at your typical state school. There are probably only a handful of Power 5 schools (Stanford, NW, perhaps Vandy, etc) where the athletes face as high a quality student on a day-in, day-out basis. The good news is that we are rarely embarrassed by our graduated student athletes and they frequently set high standards for all of us.

In all, it does a disservice to the student athletes who do make the effort at some fine schools to perform in the classroom and graduate. But we all know a good chunk of the "student-athletes" in the high profile programs have little interest in academics other than to stay eligible.

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