He has a point, and here's why

Author: cubsfanin16 (795 Posts - Joined: Aug 25, 2016)
Posted at 1:45 pm on Jan 9, 2019

I have noticed a very disturbing trend, both in the NFL,and college to overturn calls on replay, the replay officials substituting their judgment for the on field officials, and ignoring the "inconclusive" or " Indisputable " evidence" standard..In fact, Ive rarely heard "replay is inconclusive " in games this year....the ND-Clemson game just being the LATEST EXAMPLE..No way , all those calls were conclusive..

So, if those standards are now out the window, Id like to see replay, (I know it wont be) sharply curtailed....Give one to each coach PER GAME, one to the field officials when they are sharply divided, one to replay officials, 4 in total per game...if I was boss, lol, that be it..

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