I don't have a good answer to that

Author: Nigel Tufnel (4287 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 1:58 pm on Jan 9, 2019

For starters, there was Lou Holtz, a once in a generation coach.

I tend to think this is less about ND's recruiting deficiencies and more about everyone else upping their game. The money has grown dramatically since Holtz' time, with P5 teams taking home much more each year from their respective league's media deals than we bring home from the NBC deal. What was once a widely reported 'lucrative' deal is no more. Also, unlike before, every major team's games on TV each week.

It also has to do with geography. I would love to see an assessment of where the 5 stars have come from over time. Today they come from SEC country, Texas and CA. Maybe they always have, but they do not come from the midwest.

I think the SEC grayshirting practice is a huge competitive advantage and am shocked it is allowed. It reeks.

Given our self-imposed limitations, I think it's still a great accomplishment to bring home classes ranked from 10-15 every year.

Or I could be completely wrong about everything I just said.

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