Big Play Problem

Author: Dinglewood (338 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 5:43 pm on Jan 9, 2019

Many good points. Think these observation synch with them ...

SB Nation had a sabermetric based preview of the "final four." There was one point that the author felt would likely be a dominant determinant re if ND could stay in the game or possibly win: Clemson lived by the big play all season and had never played a game in which they had to string together a series of good "short" gainers.
As it turned out the computer didn't know that Love would be out for a quarter but overall this pretty well explained how Clemson got to 30 (worked well in assessing the championship game as well)

Personally felt going in somehow we need to score about 28ish points and was hoping our ability to create turnover situations was going to have to be excellent as I didn't picture us having long drives (that ideally would keep their O off the field ... fewer plays less chances for big plays).

It is a bit ironic that by comparative scores we achieved "parity" with Alabama - something thought to be an impossible dream.

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