I'll give you 1.5 of those and while that may have kept us in it longer..

Author: Chrisb (9840 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 9:47 pm on Jan 9, 2019

It had nothing to do with what they did to our D when Love went out, and wasn't going to change the outcome of a blowout where they had backups in nearly the entire 4th quarter.

1 - the ball rulled a fumble we recovered on the kickoff that was overturned was definitely a bad reversal as there was nothing to show conclusively the ball touched the sideline and math and angles and what not say a curved ball with only maybe a half inch hanging over the sideline like 99.9% didn't actually touch the sideline.
They got that one wrong.

2 - the Mack catch/drop is debatable...I thought it was a catch and a fumble, but it was close and there was great video angles of it so this isn't a definite they got it wrong, but I think it was wrong so this is where I give you a half.

3 - the Book fumble was absolutely 100% a fumble and Clemson did 100% recover it in a timely manner and Book absolutely 100% can not regain possession of a ball while laying on his back and putting his leg over it...that IS NOT possession and was actually something that happened earlier this year in one of our games but went our way as the other team tried to just lay a body part on the ball and we recovered it.
They got that one correct regardless of what whatshisname said.

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