Great Point below - Can ND "maintain"

Author: murph92675 (342 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 10:14 am on Jan 11, 2019

If I'm counting right - ND returns 8 starters on Offense (Boykin, Williams, Mustipher). Having only to fill 3 spots should keep ND able to maintain on offense. Replacing Williams worries me - but I think the other two should be fine.

ND returns 6 starters on Defense (Tillery, Bonner, Tranquil, Coney, Love). This side might not be as easy. They have recruited DL's pretty well and have a lot in their 2 deep returning - I think they will be OK, at DB Todd Light does a great job and hopefully the return of a healthy Shaun Crawford, and an improving Dante Vaughn - they'll be OK. LB is a concern - I'm assuming its Bauer and Genmark, but even the best LB's struggle in their first full starting year.

If my numbers are correct - needing 3 on offense and 5 on defense, ND should be able to maintain. ND certainly seems to be maintaining recruiting well into the future for the next few years and developing players well.

Time will tell. I think the key will be RB, and LB - I think they are in good shape everywhere else.

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