Biggest challenge will be making the offensive line consistent

Author: ndunabomber (2478 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 10:43 am on Jan 11, 2019

2018's offensive line improved throughout the year, but at the beginning, at best, it was sub-standard by any stretch of the imagination.

Mustipher and Bars were the only ones who looked consistently solid all year long, Hainsey never looked like he was healthy after suffering a leg injury earlier, and Eichenberg and Kraemer had some nice moments, along with some bad ones as well...

I understand that replacing two top 10 NFL draft picks on the line means that you're going to have a dropoff, but I had hoped that with all of the experience returning for 2018, that the dropoff wouldn't be so bad.

Losing Bars could have been a killer, but thankfully, we had Ruhland and Banks ready to go.

2019 will be the third year of the linemen being conditioned by Coach Balis, so I expect them to be at their physical peak (college level) when it comes to strength, fitness, etc.

If everyone is healthy, then I forsee this group being a good, possibly very good, unit. I'm not sure who will take over at center, but there are plenty of candidates who could handle it.

If the line solidifies, then the running backs will be able to truly run out of the spread consistently.

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