OL, I think, is the single biggest issue.

Author: Napoleon (2815 Posts - Joined: Apr 23, 2015)
Posted at 11:04 am on Jan 11, 2019

Next year should really tell us whether Quinn is up for the challenge. The OL was a weak point overall in '18. I don't think there is any question. But it came with ND losing its top 3 OLs from last season (that includes losing Bars to injury). Tough hand to play. I'm encouraged by the commentary I read from the committee that put ND's '18 line up for the Joe Moore Award. It was surprising the line was nominated, but the takeaway: ND's line is technically sound and likely will "arrive" in '19. That might be smoke. Don't know. Hope not. It is the area ND has recruited best. So fingers crossed.

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