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Posted at 4:08 pm on Feb 7, 2019

The link explains the 3 most commonly used rating systems FYI:

Personally think the best use of this kind of info is to array it in a what that I've never seen done for ND or any other program on a every year basis.

-Think of these ratings as a measure of talent at a point in time ... how the potential develops or doesn't depends on a lot of factors. Remember as a FR in 1961 seeing a most informative but depressing medical documentary about how in the late 50s ND changed the stadium turf and wound up with a boatload of lower body injuries that were too often career ending (most would be operable by the 70s) ... something like this makes the initial class rating pretty much useless.

-See it more about talent coming in and talent going out with the object being to have these players stay in the program for their four playable years. While some positions have a really small sample (QB, kickers) others can be described in terms of what kind of talent we have there (like offensive lineman) and how much program experience each player has.

-Remember reading an article that showed what would happen under various if a team brought in a bunch of Jr college transfers but had a recruiting class of 11 (the best 11 CFB coming out of high school). Among other things the use of stars/player got a max of 55 vice 66 for a normal (22) "haul."

In the end think is about the talent and depth at each position that actually gets on the field.

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