The 2020 class is geared to be the payoff for 12-1

Author: Rocket91 (5100 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 8:50 am on Feb 8, 2019

All but four of the 22 who eventually signed in 2019 were committed before Notre Dame's first game last season.

Notre Dame has a legitimate chance at nine players in the composite top 120 next year, with three in the top fifty, two of those all-purpose backs and one receiver. They already have three in the top 120 committed.

I'm not disappointed by the 2019 class because there was evidence of a number 15 ranking in March/April of last year. Just the way the board was shaping up. This year is a big year to land some top level talent at the positions they've been missing on, receiver and running back.

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