Author: NDNEIL (5463 Posts - Original UHND Member)
Posted at 9:14 am on Feb 9, 2019

The skill position haul last year was really good. I like a few of the guys they have this year. There wasn't a lot of spots for that in this class (not that you wouldn't take great players). And as you stated, there will be an emphasis on those positions next year.

However, if ND wants to have success they must do two things. Use their ability to recruit great OL classes and succeed. They did that. Last year and this year OL classes combined is extremely exciting.

ND has to find ways to recruit well along the DL. Not only in talent but in quality depth. This has been a major change the past few years.

ND will land skill players. Always have. QB, OL, and DL. Do that, you're in the game. ND has had too many years they've failed in that department, and been left out the game.

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