Team Speed means nothing if you dont use it. BK has had it..he doesnt use it.

Author: Karamello (2528 Posts - Joined: Aug 3, 2007)
Posted at 1:31 pm on Feb 9, 2019

BK is a one-trick pony. Under him there have been numerous speed guys but BK uses one. Doesnt seem to grasp the idea of having multiple guys touch the ball who can beat a defender or take it deep. No reason why Finke, Young, Lenzy and Keys couldn't have touch the ball 3-7 times a game. All four of them should've seen a total of 15-20 balls in a game. Not just target Finke and maybe Young once. was just Stepherson, or just EQ, or just Fuller, or just Chris Brown, or just Mike Floyd. I mean there was time where this team had CJ Sanders, Corey Holmes who could fly, Stepherson, EQ, Finke, how explosive was that team? Or when there was Chris Brown, Will Fuller, DaVaris Daniels, TJ Jones, and then WR. CJ PRosise...cmon...thats a TON of speed. There are other squads BK has had with tons of talent guys who can run. And dont say anything about them being young and not knowing the system or whatever cause those elite schools dont have that issue. They figure a way to get the guy the ball in an easy situation and let them make a play. They'll learn the nuances of route running and how to read the defense quicker on the field than in a training room. That's why Bama, Clemson, Oklahoma, etc seem to always have a couple guys stepping in to make plays...they let them.

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