Who are you to tell anyone where to go or what to dream?

Author: Napoleon (2644 Posts - Joined: Apr 23, 2015)
Posted at 12:36 pm on Feb 10, 2019

Who goes to the Naval Academy with a dream of playing in the NFL? Joe Cardona. And Alohi Gilman.

No kid should have to "suck it up" and stay at an institution he doesn't want to be at any longer. I don't begrudge any kid transferring for any reason. That's true of Gilman, Fields, Martell . . . anybody. It is absolutely stupid to argue that a kid who made a decision as a HS SR about where to further his education is somehow obliged to "suck it up" and stick with it even if he wants to go somewhere else. There is nothing wrong with any kid transferring to another school.

The issue isn't whether Gilman should or shouldn't have transferred. The issue I raise is that Gilman had as good a claim for a waiver as anyone, but he didn't get it. Seems wrong to me. When Gilman went to Navy, it was likely his best shot at the NFL. And the rules at the time gave him that opportunity. They changed the rules on him. (And so there is no confusion, it wasn't that he wouldn't have to fulfill his service commitment -- it was that he could have the service commitment deferred to take that NFL opportunity.) I honestly don't see how that is a less good reason than that of Fields or Patterson, etc. I don't have a problem with Fields or Patterson getting a waiver. Good for them. I just can't reconcile it with Gilman. I think Gilman got the short end. That's all. You don't think Gilman will play at the next level? So what? He thinks he can, and there is nothing wrong with him pursuing that dream. Just like so many other kids in college football.

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