Recruiting since staff overhaul

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Posted at 10:33 am on May 8, 2019

There is certainly a noticeable uptick in recruiting.

Tosh Baker seems a heavy ND lean and is expected to make an announcement sometime this week (per Bryan Driskell on last nights WSBT podcast).

If you haven't seen film on this kid, wowzers... do yourself a favor and check it out.

Hes all of 6'7', long arm, amazing feet, and plays with a tough edge. This isn't my style, but he has Top 5 NFL pick (with good development) written all over him. You cant teach what he has physically, and ND does a great job developing O- Lineman. Hope he is Irish!

Rylie Mills is also very impressive, another VERY talented player in the 2020 class. Love that he can dominate the edge as a pass rusher, and love that he can slide inside as a 3 technique and get after the quarterback that way. In my estimation you are either Louis Nix/ Vince Wilfork (gap eater) or you attack from the inside (Jerry Tillery). There just aren't many guys who can line up at basically NT, eat a hole/take space, AND rush the passer. Mills in one of them, and normally a recruit that would end up at Bama or Clemson. Nice work Elston.

Braiden McGregor would be the icing on the cake, as all ND recruinicks know. Also impressive, he would take this D line class (2020) to a different stratosphere.

Combined with the 2019 class... you literally have the making of arguably the best D line in college football in a year or two.

Improving the D lines is something Kelly promised in 2009 when he took the job, better late than never, this IS the right formula.

Other area they need to improve (and started to address in the 2019 class) is overall offensive team speed. Lenzy was a nice get, dude can fly, Kevin Austin can really move for a big body, and Lawrence Keys has the making of a star slot receiver when Fink moves on. The really good programs get speed in every class, so its really important to double down in the 2020 class with another group of speedsters. It starts with two must get guys:

1. Chris Tyree
2. AJ Henning

Both of these dudes can absolutely fly and are priority recruits for ND.

Sounds like Tyree was an Oklahoma lean, but seems to be now trending back to ND. This is a must get for ND and Lance Taylor. You hired Taylor for this reason, he HAS to produce. Henning was a heavy ND lean, wavered somewhat, but seems back to ND. Both are 50/50 in my eyes.. Henning IMO being the more likely.

You want to have an offense that is unstoppable, its starts with 2 guys like this.

You compliments those two guys, should you land them, with basically any of the remaining WR on the board (including Jordan Johnson- highest rated WR recruit in the Kelly era).

Those players would be:

1. Jalen McMillan
2. Xavier Watts (only a 3 star, but boy can that kid move)
3. Michael Redding.

All three are very talented kids, with good speed (I prefer Watts, I don't care about the stars after seeing his tape).

You land any combination of the above (with Tyree and Henning/ Jordan Johnson) and ND is in VERY GOOD shape.

Love to see this kind of momentum with these types of recruits. Something feels different these last two years in recruiting and it is a very welcomed development.


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