Chris Tyree- Irish or Sooner?

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Posted at 4:10 pm on May 15, 2019

Make no bones about it, its pretty well documented that Chris Tyree is a must get recruit for Notre Dame.

He announced today that he is making his verbal on Thursday May 23rd (@3).

This could be the "Changing of the Guards" meaning ND finally breaks in with a skill recruit that touches the ball more than 10 times a game and is a true speedster/difference maker.. or a case of "The Rich getting Richer" w/ Oklahoma receiving the verbal and they continue to land track star after track star.

ND has everything except killer speed, this is the one thing holding them back from joining the Top Tier (Clemson & Bama). If you want to win a Title.. you need kids like this.

Wanted to talk about the timeline of this recruitment a little bit and see where everyone stands with the past logistics/feelings on where he will end up (ND or Oklahoma).

a. Tyree was an early ND lean after his visit (I believe this summer).

b. It wasn't until his Oklahoma visit last month that people started having serious doubts about him ending anywhere except South Bend.

c. He excited that visit stating Oklahoma was now his clear leader, and even admitted that he almost committed on the spot.

d. At that point, it was obviously seen that Oklahoma would secure his commitment (just a matter of time) .... until a few weeks went by. In those few weeks nothing (that I am aware of) happened, yet all the Crystal Ball Predictions started favoring Notre Dame again, heavily.

He talked about sticking to his official visit date in June to ND, which helps me understand the favorable standing of ND with all the recruiting experts at that point

BUTTTTTT....Per Tyree today, he is committing end of May, therefore will NOT be taking that visit to ND as previously planned.

All experts still seem to think he is coming to Notre Dame.

On paper I just don't get it. Actually, on paper everything seems to be pointing in an extremely favorable direction for Oklahoma.

What am I missing here? Anyone know or hear anything that I haven't? What do y'all think? Notre Dame or Oklahoma?

Go Damn Irish!!


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